1. Youth entrepreneurship development project: This project provides advice and support on business start-up, organises practical workshops on business development, new venture funding and helps with business plans. For more info Contact Us 2. Youth mentoring and advocacy project: This project provides youth advice and support on career choices, counselling and information on transition to adulthood, jobs and employment and guidance on self-employment. For more info Contact Us 3. Youth filmmaking project: This project organises film festivals, and supports emerging film actors, actress and filmmakers with script writing, marketing, organising filmmaking workshops, and promoting indigenous DR Congo films. For more info Contact Us 4. Youth talkshow project: this project promotes the positive portrayals of young people in the media by celebrating their success and offering entertainment covering social issues, discusses, debate, and impartial advice. For more info Contact Us 5. Music and dance project: This project showcases dance talents through holiday camps, annual youth bash and shows. For more info Contact Us 6. Youth sports project: This project organises grassroots (boys and girls) football league, table tennis championship and the mini Olympics etc. For more info Contact Us 7. HIV/AIDS and STI awareness project: This project promotes and organises public education workshops, and short films to sensitise the public on HIV/AIDS and STI matters etc. For more info Contact Us 8. Future leader’s project: The project predominantly target young people and young adults in secondary schools, colleges and universities using essay competition, leadership booth camps and learning. For more info Contact Us 9. International youths day: This project marks 12 AUGUST each year as UN International Youth Day and features dance, concerts, festivals, workshops, conferences, and seminars. For more info Contact Us 10. Youth magazine initiative – Generation X: The magazine features articles, debates and advice on youths related issues, including sports, current affairs, fashion, dance, music and films reviews. For more info Contact Us The goal of the project is to empower children, to improve the quality of their lives, so that they may hope and dream again. Programme: Non-formal and life skills education nutrition and a mid-day meal Health care Vocational training Counselling YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS © RCN AFRICA 2014           Charity number in DR Congo: No. 01/1006/CAB/GOUPROSK/2009